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Welcome to the Erasmus+ Program of Ecological University of Bucharest (EUB).

Make your future academic excellence work at EUB at international standards! Experience this choice of multi-cultural approaches and perspectives, together with a blossoming artistic life of Bucharest and travel among a multitude of instructive-cultural destinations. Besides the Erasmus student testimonies, you will also discover useful information about our Faculties and our University.

We, the EUB family, strongly believe in the power of our example and in building a climate of openness, warmth and inclusion. Our Erasmus Department together with our body of professors and students are committed to ensuring you a meaningful Erasmus experience in EUB. Such an innovative approach to academic study will influence your future perspectives and development, inspiring you to further your research into your field of study and brainstorm ideas.

Take this challenge of an ecological academic environment and enjoy the opportunity of unique experiences, to different cultures and values, to develop new language skills, and discover another universe of people and places.

The Erasmus program allows a common understanding and approach to our community, a community which holds our hearts forever.

Enjoy your stay at us!


Ecological University of Bucharest is the first private university in Romania, providing academic excellence, experience and maturity work.

EUB is the only University in Romania that ensures an ecological specialization being appreciated in the European Academic circles.

Among our latest projects we would highlight the following:

- "Education for urban environmental quality" - state grant in partnership with Bucharest City Hall and Environmental Guard;

- "Future without borders" - a project within the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development in partnership with the European Union, Government of Romania and the Ministry of Education.

- One of our proud achievements, the Centre of Studies for Protected Natural Areas which, starting from 2011 is the custodian of two Nature 2000 sites: ROSCI0103 Lunca Buzaului and ROSCI0199 Platoul Meledic. Within the framework of Sectorial Operational Program - ENVIRO, the Centre designs the Management Plan, makes public polls and raises public awareness towards environmental issues of the two protected areas.

As a new Erasmus+ addition open your horizons in applied and field development and let our experts pay forward and share their knowledge with you.