Short introduction

The Ecological University of Bucharest, the first private institution of higher education in Romania, founded on the 4th of April 1990, under the patronage of the Society of the Romanian Atheneum, was institutionally accredited under Law no. 282 on the 26th of June 2003.

The Ecological University of Bucharest is a private law entity, of public utility, part of the national educational system, the only one with an ecological profile in the country, which operates on the basis of its own law and university Charter.

The Ecological University of Bucharest has academic autonomy, as well as economic and financial autonomy, based upon the right to private property granted by the Constitution.

The Ecological University of Bucharest has an identity grounded on the following elements:

  • name: The Ecological University of Bucharest; acronym: EUB;
  • headquarters of the Rectorate: Bd. Vasile Milea, no. 1G, district 6, Bucharest;
  • distinguishing symbols: emblem, seal, distinctive colours and features of the faculties, distinctive formal attire (graduation cap and gown) for teachers and students;
  • anniversary: 4th of April
  • original flag and hymn

Mission and objectives

The Ecological University of Bucharest undertakes the mission:

  • to form the skills and abilities required by highly qualified specialists for ecological, legal, economic, technical, teaching, scientific and social activities;
  • to develop scientific research at the level of contemporary achievements, in constant collaboration with similar institutions in the country and abroad;
  • to develop, to capitalize and promote the values of science and technique, national and international culture and civilization;
  • to defend the democratic academic framework, based on respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in the rule of law.

Safety and trust

The Ecological University of Bucharest guarantees that courses are carried out under safe conditions within the building on the French Street, no. 22, district 3 and on the campus located on Vasile Milea Boulevard, no. 1, district 6.

The building has been consolidated and modernized as an educational space on the basis of the BUILDING AUTHORISATIONS NO. 25M/1996 and NO. 13F/1999 issued by the City Hall. The works were finalized and communicated to the Department of Urbanism and Town Planning within the City Hall through the formal notice no. 1043/26.01.2000 and FINAL ACCEPTANCE PROTOCOL NO. 1I/29.01.2001.

The University Campus located on Vasile Milea Boulevard, no. 1G, district 6, has a two-stage development as far as the educational base is concerned. Following the works carried out in accordance to the building permit no. 255/22.04.2003, as well as building permit no. 262/16.04.2007, the material base was expanded through new amphitheaters, classrooms and laboratories, obtaining the FIRE SAFETY AUTHORIZATION no. 237085/19.03.2009 issued by the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.