The EUB ALUMNI Association

"In audacity there are also genius and power and magic!"

Student years are, for anyone who has experienced them, the stage where they formed professionally, where their personalities were shaped, and it's the time where you make friendships which last a lifetime…

The years spent in university are said to be the most wonderful years… The years that foreshadow who you will become… The years which open the gates to … fulfillment

But it passes, seemingly, too quickly. And then the memories are the only ones that stay…

The UEB Alumni Association therefore seeks to create a durable bridge in time. It attempts, through its work, to establish a permanent connection between UEB graduates, who are today's lawyers, economists, ecologists, engineers, managers, journalists, psychologists, artists, doctors, physical education and sport teachers and so on, and the academic medium which shaped them. Regardless of their professions or positions within various organizations and institutions, graduates still feel the need to return to their student environment, to meet their former teachers and colleagues and to keep in touch with them.

This year, the Ecological University of Bucharest celebrates its 25th anniversary, and the UEB Alumni Association was founded 15 years ago. Twenty-five years ago, on the 4th of April 1990, a group of enthusiasts led by Professor Dolphi Drimer EngD, managed to obtain the 'birth certificate' and thus the official recognition of the first private higher education institution in post-communist Romania. Fifteen years ago, the same Dolphi Drimer understood that an academic community does not only comprise the teachers and students at a given time, but also all those who were once part of it and were shaped in its educational climate. Therefore, at his initiative, the UEB Alumni Association was born. The current leadership of the University, professor Mircea Dutu PhD, as president, and professor Alexandru Ticlea PhD, as Rector, considered it opportune to continue the activity of this Association and, here were are, again, with you. Because, if it is magistrates who shape their disciples, then the graduates are those who give the University's value.

And if in 1990 over 7000 candidates took the entry exam for 1000 available places within the Ecological University of Bucharest, today, the same university has well over 7000 graduates… Therefore, the ecological, innovative and action-driven motto to promote a sustainable development, in the sense of reconciliation and compatibility with Nature, was passed on, because all those who have inhabited the space of the UEB, were 'contaminated' by its spirit, regardless of the specialty they followed.

The UEB Alumni Association aims to keep its members connected to the problems of ecology, to provide support, as well as support each other in promoting the values of culture, science and civilization. Its goal is that former graduates remain part of the Ecological University, especially now, that ecological issues have become cardinal problems of our civilization.

The Association aims to establish collaborative relationships between the Ecological University of Bucharest and its graduates from all fields, far and wide, as well as to support the development and growth of the material, educational and research base within the university, to maintain and develop traditions specific to the University, and last but not least, cultivate the sense of belonging to the academic community of the university.

In this respect, we wish to create an organized framework for contact between the University and its graduates, as well as granting them opportunities for professional development by updating the information regarding the educational services offered by the University. The aim is to facilitate communication between graduates, enabling them to share their experience - graduates who managed to work in intriguing fields, who have gained relevant experience, can share their knowledge by organizing, with the help of the Association, some meetings or conferences, but also setting up training courses within the University (postgraduate courses, masters degrees and doctoral courses).

In addition the Alumni Association promotes the creation of connections between companies who seek employees within the University and its graduates, but also initiating relationships with associations, foundations and similar institutions in the country and abroad. This is a partnership also regarded as a means of developing and consolidating the social and economic environment in our country.

The relationship with graduates of the University is a reason for pride, an impetus for current students as well. A way of revealing the possibilities for professional development of those who were once just like them, but at the same time, a model to look up to in their training. Undoubtedly, the support offered to the University by graduates through donations is just as important as recruiting students for various study programs and awarding scholarships, career advice or by other means.

The UEB Alumni Association promotes organizing cultural and scientific events, which have ecological ideas, but not only, as starting points, trying in this manner to contribute to the improvement of the level of the academic life, as well as the publication of informative newsletters, brochures, leaflets and other media, all of which contribute to the achievement of the set goals.

It also takes into consideration organizing reunions and meetings, at the request of graduates, offering support for this kind of initiatives by providing University rooms and being in charge of the organizational aspects.

Regardless of when they left University, students maintain a complex relationship with it, they appreciate it or criticize it, but they never ignore it. Nevertheless, the years spend at university were those which mostly shaped their personalities. Through the Association, we also seek to encourage a 'feedback' phenomenon, in order to achieve 'echos', information regarding the manner in which students perceived their lives in a certain period and whether it could have been different… what was good and what could be changed or improved. Because it is only through continued improvement that the University's prestige can be enhanced both locally, and nationally, as well as internationally.

The UEB Alumni Association attempts today to re-establish connections between colleagues, former students and teachers, but also to rediscover common hopes, and at the same time, to support the career of every graduate of the Ecological University.

Because especially now, when we are going through an unprecedented economic crisis, there is need for a union of creative efforts. We need a long-term commitment, reciprocity and righteousness. A synectic effect, enhanced by an environment for personal and professional interactions between former colleagues, with the participation of teachers, has the potential to help overcome all the obstacles.

And since what determined the choice for the Ecological University were perhaps courage, professionalism and perseverance, weren't they? Therefore, let us not forget the initial motto of the University: "In audacity there are also genius and power and magic!"